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Saturday, 3 May 2014

The Corporate Games

Well, I admit that it's been about two years since I have published anything over here. I guess I started it for a reason and then lost the interest because times had changed, and so did the people around me. The reason why I feel like writing again are the strange and shocking discoveries of the corporate world.

I woke up to really bad news today, two of my friends at work got fired. And the reason they were explained about was even more shocking - indifferent attitude towards work and performance issues. Well, talking about performance, these are guys who used to sleep in the office if there was work to be finished.
They weren't given any sort of warning etc. , they were just called up and told that : You are fired!.
I mean just thinking about the situation sends cold waves through my veins. Later, as I thought about it further and discussed with a few of my friends, I realized that this was what we call the so called "Corporate Culture"!. We lived in an era where people could literally play with your lives just because they were your seniors, of course there's no point in complaining as we all work in the same so called culture that we have encouraged.

This is one of the many reasons why entrepreneurship sounds a lot more cooler and the THING for me, perhaps somewhere within us we all want to create the dream workplace! The truth is that we all start out pure hearted and ambitious; but at some point money starts to rule over our ideals and thus we end up creating hell( So called corporate culture!).

To all the entrepreneurs out there, all I can say is, if you were to let go of someone, it would always be nice to think about the whole thing once again. As in death, so in life, it isn't about just one person after all; a lot of others' lives are attached!

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